Different Ways and Importance of Food Preservation

Businessmen use calcium carbide to ripen fruits before due time. Two diseases that are caused due to regular consumption of chemical added foods are –

i. Liver and kidney dysfunction

ii. Asthma

I will give the following two pieces of advice to discourage adding chemicals to food:

i. I will inform people of the harmful effects of adding chemicals to food.

ii. I will make them aware that such acts are legally punishable offences.

How many elements are there in balanced diet?

There are six food elements in a balanced diet. People doing laborious works need to take food regularly for extra energy. I will make people understand the following things to discourage excessive consumption of food:

i. If body gets fatty, one may lose interest in sports.

ii. Excessive food consumption can cause different diseases.

iii. If body gets sick due to excessive eating, study will be hampered.

Different ways of food preservation

Food preservation means to stop wastage of food and slow down spoilage of food. Four ways to preserve food are —

i) Crops like rice, wheat, pulses, etc. can be preserved by sun drying.

ii) Fish, meat, vegetables and fruits can be kept in good condition for some days in refrigerator.

iii) Besides, fishes can be preserved by using salt or ice.

iv) Sugar, vinegar or oil is also used to preserve olives, plums, mangoes, etc. for a long time.

Importance of food preservation

Two importance of food preservation are:

i) Food preservation can stop wastage and slow down spoilage of food.

ii) Food preservation makes the seasonal food available throughout the year.

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