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What Are The Different Forms Of Energy

Energy is the ability to do things. Energy is used in everything we do. There are many different forms of energy. They are discussed below.

i. Electrical energy: The energy that is used to run the electrical appliances like. TV, radio. light bulb is called electrical energy. Sources of electrical energy are, national power grid. battery etc.

ii. Mechanical energy: The form of energy that any moving object has is called mechanical energy. The energy that exists in a moving car or any mechanical machine is mechanical energy.

iii. Light energy: The energy that can create different types of light and help us to see is called light energy. It can pass through transparent medium. We get light energy from sun candle, bulbs etc.

iv. Sound energy: The energy that helps us to hear is called sound energy. Sound is create by the vibration of objects. It travels through air or any other medium.

v. Thermal energy: The energy that exist in a heated body is called thermal energy We get heat energy from the fire of the stove or sun.

vi. Chemical energy: The energy. which we get as a result of chemical reactions is called chemical energy. Energy stored in food or fuel is chemical energy.

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