Facebook To Release its Checkbook To Share More Music on Our Videos

If Facebook manages to negotiate with the labels, it would allow us to use their music on the videos we post on the social network. Currently, if you use copyright protected music on Facebook, the video can be blocked.

Facebook wants to boost its native video format at any costs. In recent years, the algorithm of the newswire highlights these matter. And a recent study by Buzzsumo confirms that it is today, the format that produces the most commitment on the social network.

In addition to boosting its native videos, Facebook also launched Watch, a new space entirely dedicated to the series posted on its social network.

And soon, the creators of Facebook videos could have the opportunity to use more music without infringing copyright. Currently, if you try to upload a video with protected music, Facebook can block this content

But according to Bloomberg sources, the number one social network would be discussing with the main labels to allow users and pages to use these songs in their videos.

In essence, if Facebook negotiates with companies, it will avoid blocking videos that currently do not respect copyright. And according to Bloomberg, the number one social network would be willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars.

By giving access to these songs to its creators, Facebook could encourage them to post more videos. With popular music, these videos could also produce more commitment and more views.

And thanks to this, Facebook would have the opportunity to better compete with YouTube and generate more revenue through video advertising.

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