The uses of Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology has changed our living standard. In this world, there is no one who has not used this technology. Moreover it has brought about a change in our life. Information and communication technology is used in important state-affairs and by the elite persons in the international events and also in the lives of common people.

The people of our acquaintance, kin, classmates, all are using this technology in their personal communication, education, business and even in treatment.

Present era is impossible without information and communication technology. To cope up with the era, the uses of information and communication technology is essential.

Information and Communication Technology in personal life

Information and communication technology has a great impact on our personal life. In personal communication, we are using mobile phones and computer with internet connection which is a part of Information and Communication Technology. in the past, if we wanted to communicate with one another, we had to spend much time and hard labor.

But at present by the use of mobile phones, we can communicate with others staying at any place and in any time within a second around the world. We can also communicate with one another by using computer through making a voice call with internet connection. By sharing videos and pictures in various websites, we can maintain contract with one another. Through this process information and Communication Technology has made our personal communication much easier.

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