HTC Desire Eye: a Selfie Phone with 13 megapixel front and back camera

HTC Desire Eye is the future of selfies.

Htc desire eyeAs circulated through rumors, HTC announced its new Selfie Phone,  HTC Desire Eye. Above all, what it set as the difference is its image sensor for this  selfie phone. Indeed, the HTC Desire Eye is equipped with a 13 megapixel BSI sensor on the front and the same camera on the back. The mobile also has two LED flash: one in front and one on the back.

This year and especially during the IFA in Berlin, we have seen it happened for many of these selfie phones. But manufacturers offered the webcam of  all most 8 megapixel front (which already seemed exaggerated to some readers).

With its front camera of 13 MP (and even behind), HTC goes even further in this race. In addition, HTC also unveiled a new application called EYE Experience. It has a feature called “Voice Selfiewhich lets you take a picture car without pressing on the mobile, with voice recognition (“Say Cheese!“). And better yet, it is IP X7 certified which means that you can take selfies (13 MP) under water, provided that you will not immerse this smartphone beyond one meter deep.

Interesting specifications

On other aspects, the HTC Desire Eye remains an interesting mobile. First, it has the same processor as the HTC One M8, and to say a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, all with a RAM of 2 MB. 4G is of course to go, not to mention the 1080p screen 5.2 inches. Marketing would start this October.

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