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Importance Of Conservation Of Plants

Importance of conservation of plants: It is very important to conserve plants for maintaining the balance of environment and supplying food and other necessary elements of animals. Animal does not mean only domestics or wilds but human beings too.

Animals are depend on plants directly and indirectly for food and wood. Food, clothing, treatment and residence are our basic needs. To fulfill these needs in most cases we depend on plants. Moreover the oxygen used by animals is released by plants during the photosynthesis process. Without oxygen who can live? Cottons are mostly made from plants or its products. Can we think a life without clothes?

On the other hand, plants intake carbon dioxide released by animals in nature. This carbon dioxide is responsible for the increase of global warming. Thus, plants maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in environment. We should always be kind to plants as they are our real friends in the earth and they save us from most natural disasters.

Moreover, forests and branches of plants are residence of many animals. If forests are destroyed, various animals will extinct from the earth by losing their dwelling place. For these above mentioned reasons, saving the plants is very important. If we fail to save plants, it is for sure that nobody can save us from natural disasters.

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