Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Facts and Figures

Mind and Hand (mens et manus in Latin). Yes, with this is the inspiring motto, MIT mysteriously encapsulates its mission to advance knowledge in arts, science and technology, to shape the world a better place.

MIT was founded in 1861 as a small community of problem-solvers and science lovers. But now MIT has changed into an education giant with 3000 plus faculty members and 11,000 plus students including 3700 international students.

In 168 acres of stunning landmarks, there are 12 museums and galleries on MIT campus where nearly 125,000 visitors enjoy its beauty each year. The landmarks are designed by the likes of architects Alvar Aalto, Frank Gehry, and Steven Hollin.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Students take part in more than 60 music, theatre, writing and dance groups, and faculty members of MIT include Nobel, Pulitzer Prize winners. Nearly 20 percent of MIT undergraduates join a sports team, even in Olympic.

MIT researchers are at the core of developing AI (artificial intelligence), climate adaptation, HIV, cancer, and poverty alleviation, while in the past it was involved in the development of radar, the invention of magnetic core memory and the concept of the expanding universe, etc.

University Highlights
World Rank1
Location77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, USA
Year of Establishment 1861
FounderWilliam Barton Rogers
Institute TypePrivate
Average Annual Tuition Fees (USD) 48K-50K
Research OutputVery High
Number of Students 11,145
Number of Faculty Members 3,009
Total Area of Campus 166-acre (67.2 hectare)
Requirements for AdmissionGPA 4.71+, SAT, GMAT, GRE

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