iPad Air:New iPad Air alongside the iPhone 6 by Apple

Apple’s next conference could hold many surprises. In addition to a new iPhone at least, it now says that a new iPad Air could also be presented.

Ipad 6While the IFA officially opens today, another important event is already looming on the horizon: the keynote that Apple has scheduled on September 9. There should unveil the iPhone 6, perhaps accompanied by a variation L, but it would not stop there. It is also possible that we discovered the famous iWatch, but also a new iPad Air.

Such a scenario would be surprising. Apple usually announces its smartphones and tablets in separate events. However, the source of this rumor is known to often hit the mark. This is Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities and author of a note rather interesting the content is reported to us by Ubergizmo in which he also reveals some of the news that we should end up with the new iPad Air.

The gap is still there with iPhone with compared to iPad Air

Some have already been mentioned in the past, such as the addition of the Touch ID and colors But both opened with the iPhone 5S. He adds an anti-reflection coating to the screen and the Apple A8 should also animated / the new / new iPhone cover. He even goes a step further and said that the new iPad Mini with Retina display will not bring much improvement in spite of its late start. Hope for the best for iPad Air.

The latter would be scheduled for the fall, like last year. Why not, then, imagine a joint announcement with the iPhone 6L also rather expected by year’s end? This event is for versions would be absurd and would allow Apple to treat the launch of its two flagship models.

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