5 Keys to Becoming a Motivating Leader

1. Personal motivation

There are talented workers in the office who may be frozen out of fear or frustration or something that prevent them from giving the best of themselves. This is because demotivation engulfed them to do their tasks. Therefore, we must try to apply a personalized motivation to each employee. It consists of three simple steps: to generate a climate of trust, to be able to speak with freedom and tranquility; ask directly for your problem or problems; and become a guide to help you overcome those problems.

2. Share personal stories

Talking with people about how they learned certain things about life or work, how obstacles were overcome, allows them to believe that things are possible. You will become a reference for them.

3. Recognize a job well done

When someone does their work excellently or has applied the maximum effort, it is very positive to congratulate them for it. A good job should always be appreciated.

4. Correct with intelligence

When one fails to do something, we must know how to correct it, so as not to cause demotivation. You have to be tactful, talk to him in private, comment on mistakes with peace of mind, and seek solutions and answers together so that they do not happen again.

5. Convert personal goals into those of the company

Efforts must be made to make the company’s goals their own. And vice versa, you have to try to help employees achieve their personal goals, so they are motivated.

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