6 Keys to a Good Business Leader

Being a leader does not give the job but the qualities. Being influential, dedicated and flexible are some of the characteristics necessary to exercise a positive and effective leadership in the company. Remember that a leader within your company is invaluable. Support him and protect him and you will see how he powers the rest of the company. By: Josep Fontova

1. It is not a matter of hierarchy – Before speaking about qualities, we must define who is a leader. We can identify authentic leaders in the staff, not always but rarely. It is a widespread myth that leaders in companies are CEOs, managers, etc. They may be or not; since it is not the hierarchy that defines the leader. We can find a leader in the employee who takes control of deliveries even from the department of our warehouse.

2. Influence – A leader is one who by delivery, principles, character, ethics, authentic valuation of others, skill of judgement, competence and charisma, is able to influence the behavior of a group of people although they do not depend on it hierarchically. He can positively influence the achievement of business plans and other departments. If this leader is in the right place of management, he can bring the success of the company in future.

3. Surround yourself with leaders – In fact, it is not absolutely necessary that the manager necessarily have the qualities that define a leader. But a manager who does not have qualities in that grade, if he knows how to surround himself with a good team that includes leaders, will be a good manager.

4. Creative, flexible and charismatic – Just as the manager has to worry about the strategy, have a structured and analytical mentality, master management by objectives throughout its process and ultimately he must be a Good negotiator and compliance manager. The leader is usually more creative, more flexible and relies on his personal charisma to influence others. If you endorse the objectives, if these plans are well structured, it will decisively contribute to your success.

5. Interest and dedication – The leader does not worry about a momentary situation of chaos. He looks for new formulas and is sincerely interested in the satisfaction of the people on his team irrespective of whether they are hierarchically dependent on him or not. And finally, the leader must have love and dedication for his work.

6.  Do not let it escape – If you have someone in your company with these qualities, do not put sticks on the wheels and check that department heads do not hinder it for fear of losing prominence. If you are lucky enough to have him, make him a participant in business projects, activate vertical and lateral communication, let him develop his potential.

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