How to Work to be a Good Leader at Work

Whether a project goes forward or a working group works in large part, depends on a good leader to lead, organize, delegate and be respected. We already talked about the types of leaders at work, but what aspects do you have to work on if you want to be a good leader?


A good leader has to know how to communicate and transmit to his employees or colleagues, but he also needs to know how to listen. The leader has to give his opinion but that does not mean that it is an absolute truth. There has to be feedback with the workers.


You have to earn the respect of the workers and being whole you will get it easier. Someone who goes with the truth ahead and does not betray anyone will be an example to follow for all. Also, in this way you will avoid moving in a hostile work environment.


Although it is not the most important aspect, since a leader can also surround himself with good people and succeed in coordinating them, it does facilitate the decision-making process and the respect of the people you have at your command. Do not forget that you have to be constantly learning and attentive to the latest studies and trends.


You have to know how to decide and make the decision when it is necessary. Ideas and options we all have, but choosing the right one has some responsibility that the leader has to assume.


You have to know how to motivate employees and know how to lift your spirits. Difficult days we all have but the leader has to overcome and get to work at 200% and, most importantly, infect the rest.


Giving orders does not mean being an ogre with the people at your command. It is advisable to be as pleasant with the workers as with the clients. Listening to problems and worrying about your people will make you feel supported in difficult moments, both professional and personal.


A good leader feeds back from his group. He decides but he is not a dictator. Listen to the ideas of others, what they can contribute and the concerns they have can provide you with knowledge and different visions. Highly recommended not to be authoritarian and that people feel valued.

Time management

Unfortunately, time is finite. You have to organize your tasks well and make the most of the time you have working. If we do it well we can even rest and thus not saturate our people. A good leader delivers his work on the day or even earlier.


Searching for perfection is not bad, but obsessing about it. We always have to try to improve and perfect the techniques, execution times, tasks … but being aware that we are not always going to achieve it. And not for that reason we have to despair.


A person can not be aware of everything. You can be a genius and want to control everything but that will prevent you from applying your full potential in certain tasks. Delegate and make team leaders to keep you up to date on everything but not being aware of each job.

Combining all these aspects is very complicated, however a good leader works to improve what he lacks and he strengthens what he has. He has to know how to be the best, or at least try, with what he has and never give up.

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