5 Qualities for Being a Good Accountant

What are the qualities that make a good accountant? Answering this question is not easy. Indeed, it is often a source of discussion and interpretation. Perhaps the answer depends on it to the customer or the person with whom you talk.

Whether to hire your next employee or to improve the quality of your work, it is important to ask the question. We try to answer in this article using 5 large core qualities.

Yet we must not see this article as a presenting the five essential qualities it takes to be an accountant. See it rather as an essay on the subject.

5 Qualities for Being a Good Accountant:

1) Training

This quality may seem obvious, but in any profession and especially the accounting profession, every professional has to have a good knowledge of accounting and tax standards in his country. He must also have varied knowledge in the field of administration (one can think of finance concepts, economics and management personnel for example). Since the book has a central role in the company and key to many things, this quality is very important to see essential.

2) Control of Information Technology (IT)

Many people consider IT as a secondary aspect of the accounting profession. However, be accountable also means touching the information systems (IS). All companies use accounting software and (hopefully) an internal control policy. In the context of the current accounting does not master the information technologies and IS is a bit like buying a  4 × 4 F155 because the commercials boasts its fuel economy: it is not logical. The data word contains the word ‘training’ What do you expect to train you in IT?

3) Be open-minded and responsive to its surroundings

In accounting, it is important to have good relationships with those around him, whether with people from the office or clients. Contrary to some popular beliefs, an accountant can not work effectively being locked in his office. It should absolutely go ask to find answers to his questions, often communicating with colleagues, and constantly put in question its working methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Evolve through confrontation with others is very effective

4) Have leadership

For leadership means not only being able to manage a team effectively. It also implies having the ability to organize projects, anticipate events, persuade others and communicate effectively. A good accountant will be autonomous and will, with experience, make the right decisions on the spot.

5) Exercise common sense

This wonderful expression can be defined as a mixture in the right proportions of reflection, judgment, knowledge and courage. Accounting is not limited to the mere application of accounting standards. Accountant also means being able to exercise judgment in unknown or unusual situations.

Discuss rigor in this article would have been redundant. Indeed, it is impossible to apply as precise standards that accounting and tax standards if rigor is not present.

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