Top 7 Best Accounting Firms in France (2016)

We present the Top 7 biggest and best law Accountants in France as of January 2014. These are classified on the 2006 and 2011 statistics and ranking is done according to the annual turnover excluding tax (VAT) in France. The number of employees is only informative criterion. In the list are, as you can imagine, the Big Four accounting firms and other smaller but efficient firms. The ranking is established according to statistics released by organizations and is not influenced by an editor. The ranking does not reflect the quality of services offered by the firms, but their size relative to other accounting firms France.

Best 7 Accounting Firms in France

1. KPMG France

KPMG, one of the big four, has about 7100 employees on French territory and carries about 800 000 euros of annual turnover, so easily taking first place in our top 7 accounting firms in France.

2. Ernst & Young (E & Y) France
Ernst & Young France is not far behind with KPMG 550,000 of annual revenues and 5,000 employees in French territory.

3. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) France

PwC France has 3,000 employees and 450,000 of turnover, which ranks third in the best accounting firms in France.

4. Deloitte France
The last of the Big Fours in this list and not far behind, Deloitte France also has a large 450,000 in turnover below the belt with approximately 3,200 employees in French soil.

5. Mazars France
Mazars is an original French firm that counts 13,000 employees  in France, making it the accounting firm in France with more employee. Yet sales can rival that of the US multinationals, with approximately 200,000 annual turnover of euros. Mazar therefore takes the fifth position of our top 7 accounting firms in France.

6. Grant Thornton France
Another firm well known internationally, Raymond Chabot has a significant presence in France with about 75 000 of annual turnover and 1450 employees working in French soil, 103 associates across 23 offices.

7. BDO France
BDO is one of the top accounting firms in France, and is present across 119 countries worldwide. It has a number of modest affair 55,000 annually and only 500 employees in France

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