Castle Wear for Android Wear: an accessible RPG even on round watches

Castle Wear is the application of one of a FrAndroid readers  and it’s also one of the few games available on Android Wear watches.

Castle Wear is a small RPG, suitable for smartwatches for any shape whether square or round. So hopefully we will play everywhere.

Castle Wear, like a RPG type game, taking you in a populated magical world of witches and supernatural creatures. You will definitely enjoy this independent basis, subject to exercise a little indulgence in it. Released relatively very early on the Play Store.  Castle Wear is indeed still in Alpha version with minimal features but promised to add new features at later versions, including the addition of fighting between friends in real time or the opportunity to interact with them.

Currently the game works like a Dungeon Crawler (like Dungeon Master or more recently Legend of Grimrock). New quests should also be added to the game. For the moment it leads you to follow the story of the sorcerer Diordna, thief a talisman allowing him to create a labyrinth under the castle of the King. So this is to navigate the maze and make fighting turn-using classes such as warriors, thieves, priests and mages, taking care to avoid hidden all over monsters.

The interest of this classic game is its compatibility with various devices. It could be displayed not only on an Android smartphone but also on Android Wear, although it features a round screen (hence the Moto 360) and even the Sony SmartWatch legacy.

Note that the game is not free it will cost you 1.49 euro or $1.89 to purchase  from GooglePlay Store- but the game’s creator considers this amount as a form of financial support or motivation: by downloading the title you will really  encourage the developer to improve the game over time.

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