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What Are The Causes And Effects Of Environmental Pollution

We are polluting our environment either knowingly or unknowingly. Any of Air, water, earth or sound pollutions make our sorrounding unpleasant. Environment pollution makes our life unsafe and unhealthy. However, the causes and effects of enviromental pollution are given below-

Air Pollution:

Causes of Air Pollution:

  • Smokes from vehicles
  • Smokes from mills and factories
  • Smokes from fires or cigarettes
  • Smokes from brick fields or burning, etc.

Effects of Air Pollution:

  • Global warming and green house effects
  • Acid rain
  • Diseases like lung cancer and respiratory diseases

Water Pollution:

Causes of Water Pollution:

  • Dumping of waste into water
  • Washing or bathing with soap into water
  • Bathing cattle into rivers
  • Dumping industrial garbage into water
  • Using chemical fertilizers in the farmlands, etc.

Effects of Water Pollution:

  • Death of marine creatures like fish, etc.
  • Skin diseases
  • Waterborne diseases, etc.

Soil or Earth Pollution

Causes of Soil/Earth Pollution:

  • Use  particles and fertilizers
  • Dumping of polythene bags
  • Emission on chemicals and oils from factories
  • Use of pesticides and herbicides, etc.

Effects of Soil Pollution

  • Decrease of land’s fertility
  • Death of plants and animals
  • Decrease in production of cropes
  • Transmission of chemical particles into grown cropes, etc.

Sound or Noise Pollution

Causes of Sound Pollution:

  • Excessive use of horns by vehicles
  • Listening to music in loud volumes
  • Industrials noise, etc.
  • Construction and other noises, etc.

Effects of Soil Pollution:

  • Depression
  • Hearing loss
  • Headache
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Loss of productivity, etc.

Since there are so many bad impacts of pollution, we have to use our senses before polluting the environment.

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