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How Can We Prevent And Conserve Environmental Pollution

Environmental conservation is the sustainable and wise use and preservation of natural resources. We can conserve our environment by using our natural resources very carefully and by stopping excess use or waste of natural resources.

Our natural resources are limited and misuse of these natural resources harms the environment. So, we should use them wisely. For environmental conservation we can reduce the use of electricity or fossil fuels. We can stop wasting electricity by turning off any electronic devices when not needed.

We can reduce the use of vehicles by walking or riding bicycles. We can stop throwing garbage into drains, rivers, ponds or on ground. We can dump waste in dustbins. One of the most important part of environmental conservation is planting trees. We should plant trees as much as possible. We can try to keep our environment clean. And the most important is raising public awareness. It is the best way to conserve our environment.

 Why does population growth cause environmental pollution?

Population growth is the reason for many problems. It is also a major cause of environmental pollution. Increased number of people need much more food and place to live. So, as the population is increasing, people are cutting down trees to make houses. Rivers and ponds are tilled up to make buildings. Many farm lands and forests are turned into buildings. Natural b-habitats of animals are being destroyed. Excess population also means excess waste or garbage. A large population will create large amount of waste which will harm the environment.

Also a large population means a large industrial growth. Many industrious means many factories, construction sites, brick mills etc. These are main causes of environment pollution. And large population also means large number of vehicles which is very harmful for the environment. So, we can see population growth directly or indirectly contributes to the environmental population

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