Chromebooks: Chrome OS 37 is a showcase for the multi-user support

Chromebooks at pace While the cloud is taken into turmoil with Jennifer Lawrence case, Google continues to build on its Chrome OS operating system and presents the version 37.

Three years after the presentation of the first Chromebook at the Google I / O 2011, Chrome OS version 37 comes with important news. A version number the same as the house browser, Chrome, unveiled a few days ago.

ChromebookI must say that Chrome OS is different from other operating systems because it is based largely on the browser that Google has grafted a multitude of services online. Indeed, if there is an offline mode, Chrome OS remains dependent on an internet connection and cloud.

If you want a glimpse of this operating system, Google Chrome OS offers a mode in Windows 8, which will soon be extended to Windows 7 With Lemon squeezer, Eric Valentin and were also able to give their impressions (test Eric) and follow the evolution of Chrome OS (test Valentin) by testing two Chromebooks from Samsung.

This choice of everything online will not please everyone, the Google system also displays a mixed Chromesbook of Europe but already seems to appeal across the Atlantic. The Chromebook has earned a spot on the PC market at low prices, as evidenced by this order over a million Chromebooks by American schools in the second quarter 2014.

An important operation that echoes the figures released by the NPD Group, while there learned the progression of 250% of sales of Chromebooks in the United States over the period from January to May 2014 compared to the same period last year .

Enough to give wings to Google who decided to please professional with Chrome OS 37 because the big news is undoubtedly the possibility to connect multiple accounts at the same time and more easily switcher. Another change is directly aimed at professional, certificate management for companies using the chrome.enterprise.platformKeys API. Management that extends to favorites.

Finally, we also note the ability to save data in Google Drive using the private as well as a change in the parameters that are now displayed in a window of its own and not in a tab navigation.

Note that this update on all Chromebooks except Acer C7, Samsung Series 5 and HP Pavilion.

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