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ERP And Data Analytical Ability Are Simultaneous Needs

Many organizations runs with ERP systems, nowadays. And almost all the important data are captured in the system by means of various modules, for example Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Order Management, Suppy Chain, Projects, etc. So, ERP is compared to be a data-sea or a datamine.

Looking for a reliable information is not so easy here. To find an important information of your need, you will have to sail in this data-sea almost at all times. So why not we go for learning Advanced Excel, yet? Advanced Excel can save us a lot from drowning into the sea.

To swim in the ERP data-sea, we will need strong query building and data analytical abilities. Query will feed us data from the ERP system while Excel will help us analyzing data. The combination of query and analysis will meet our information needs other than custom reports we already developed.

What will mean the Advanced Excel for us? This question very difficult to answer and may vary from person to person. It may be from Vlookup to DAX formula and sometimes building VB Macros or may be Explicit Measures to Cube functions or altogether.

Power Pivot could be an important tool where we can analyze and visualize data by means of linking multiple worksheets or workbooks. Excel Data Model is an advanced technology in excel where we can link multiple table (called relationship) and analyze huge data at ease.

SUMIFS,INDEX, MATCH, INDIRECT, HLOOKUP etc are beautiful functions which can help us saving some hundreds hours in a year and make analysis more perfect. Power charts, Slicers, Calenders, Dynamic charts etc can help us in the visualization of data.

We have to be sure of which training can save us for Data Analysis. Self paced learning system is also helpful eventhough it might take longer time if you give less effort.

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