Google Increases Google Chrome Bug reward to $15,000

This will be great news for bug fixer as the Search Engine giant Google has announced an expanded reward which is Google Chrome Bug reward aimed for debugging Google Chrome. The SE giant will give money and recognition to the security community of internet horizon.

Google chrome bug rewardThe Google Chrome Bug reward range is increase from 5000 to 15000 USD per bug which is effective from last July 1, 2014. Previously the highest pay offer was up to 5000 USD per bug.

Here is a breakdown of possible Google Chrome Bug reward sums by bug type:

It seems naturally exceptions. Google has been known to reward above these levels for particularly great reports. Last month, the company paid the award of 30,000 USD for a Chrome O/S report spanning bugs in V8, IPC, Sync and extensions that could lead to remote code execution outside the sandbox.

Today’s changes reflect the point that Google wants to pay more and more rewards when researchers provide exploit code to reveal a specific attack. Hackers can nowadays submit the vulnerability first and follow up with an exploit subsequently.

The SE giant maintains this as a win-win situation: “we get to patch bugs earlier and our contributors get to lay claim to the bugs sooner, lowering the chances of submitting a duplicate report.” More reward money can’t hurt.

Finally, Chrome bug fixers will now be listed in the Google Hall of Fame. But why wasn’t it done before!

The Google today also exposed that security researchers have facilitated it debug over 700 Chrome security bugs. It has rewarded the bug fixers with more than $1.25 million through its bug reward program so far.

But these statistics will continue to rise with today’s offer. If it’s in the label of security issue, there truly are no complaints.

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