Marketing: Facebook launches new location based targeting

Facebook is launching a new advertising product for local shops and will be based on the geolocation of users. It is a location based targeting of audience.

Location based targetingFacebook is a weapon of war when it comes to online advertising. In addition to implementing Audience Network, which allows developers to monetize their apps through targeted Facebook Ads, the number one social network has also just launched a new advertising offering for shops as location based targeting.

What is he difference?

Currently, when you start a Facebook campaign, you can choose target audience such as gender, age, city or areas of interest. This system is already very efficient and the amounts raised by Facebook through the advertisements are there to convince us that its products appeal to advertisers.

But when you are promoting (for example) of your restaurant on Facebook, you have beautiful configuration in your targeting, but it may be that you want only to reach people located within 20 kilometers  from your business  or more distant (even if they know where the restaurant is) who are not really likely to become your customers.

With the new Facebook advertising product, the approach is Foursquare” and should achieve more immediate conversions. To enjoy the feature if the visitor  goes on the page, the product selected will show “Local awareness.” He will be asked to enter the location of the business, the geographical scope it wants to give its advertising and some other parameters. It is possible to add a “Call to Action” button on advertising, for example to show the path to the user who is not supposed to be away from the property.

Once done, the pub will then be displayed on the screens of Facebook users (targeted) whose recent geolocation is not far from that of the business to promote.

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