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How Human Depend On Non-living Things

Plants, in presence of light and water, produce food by the process of photosynthesis with the help of Chlorophyll. Plant use these foods for their own survival. Animals also depend upon these foods, as they are not able to produce their own food.

All animals depend on non-living things, human also. Some non-living things are so imporint that human can not live without them. Like air and water.

Air is one of the most important elcments because air contains the gas oxygen. Oxygen is very important for human because human cannot survive even 5 minutes without oxygen. Oxygen helps to create energy for all the work a human body does.

Water is another most important element. Human body is 70% water. Water is essential for human survival. Water is called life. Beside air and water,we also need food. We need food for nutrition and growth. There are also many more non living things that we need for our day to day activities.

Like, we need vehicles for transport, sun light for warmth and bricks, woods, cement, rods etc to make our houses, many different electronic devices etc. So we see that there are many different non-living things that human depend on Describe how plants depend on animals.

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