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How Plants Depend On Animals In Environment

There are many different non-living things that human depend on. In our environment every living thing is dependent on one another. Like animals are dependent on plants and plants are dependent on animals also.

Plants make their food with carbon-di-oxide, sunlight and water. Carbon-di-oxide is very important for plants survival. A plant can not grow or live without carbon-di-oxide. Plants get carbon-di-oxide from animals.

Animals exhale carbon-di-oxide gas. And plants absorb carbon-di-oxide from air. Animals also provide nutrients from plants. Animal bodies after death become organic fertilizer which supplies nutrients for plants. Animals such as birds, insects help plants in pollination.

Seed dispersal is a very important factor for plants. Seed dispersal means transport of seeds away from the parent plant. Seed dispersal helps plant to create new colonies. Animals help plants in seed dispersal. Many plants are dependent on animals for seed dispersal.

Therefore we can see that plant depend on animals in many ways. A plant survival would not possible without the help of animals.

Source of all energy on earth is the sun. We get energy from sun by sunlight. Green grass this sunlight to produce food with carbon-di-oxide and water.

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