Braun Pro White 7000-Testing the Oral B SmartSeries toothbrush

The connected objects are clearly the trend in 2014 we have all the sauces, soon every room in your home contain a connected starting with the bathroom object. I talk about this Braun Pro White 7000 because I have tested since a few months to brush a bit special electric toothbrush because it has a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Six modes of cleaning are available: daily cleaning, deep cleaning, whitening, gum care, sensitive and tongue cleaning. A pressure sensor also helps avoid damaging the gums too hard and stressing “technology oscilloscope rotary and pulsatile” aims to eliminate up to 100% more plaque compared with a toothbrush manual standard. “Raun oral-b smartseries white pro 7000

The Oral-B Braun Pro White 7000 is able through the intermediary Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone via the Oral B White Smart Series application (Android and iPhone).
Here is an overview of the features of this application:

Timer goes off automatically when the ignition of the toothbrush
Showing news or weather on the same screen
3D vision of the dentition to see areas where we must insist
Statistics brushing sessions per day / week / month
Council Oral B
Purchases of Braun products
Alert change brush

To enjoy all the features of this application it is necessary to have a fairly recent smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0. For example on an iPhone 4, the application is quite limited, a lot of features are grayed out.
If the phone is not equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth, the timer will not start when you turn on the toothbrush but the application can request the start of the latter recognizing the sound of the brush tooth, not evil?


I personally use an electric toothbrush for a few years, this Braun Pro White 7000 is not going to revolutionize the lives of ordinary people. The big value remains very complete application and quality that allows for practical information, knowing that this model also comes with Smart Guide. This is a screen that you can stick to your wall and triggers the timer automatically without having to connect anything, convenient and fun for children who are struggling to keep 3min recommended (rated with stars that your class brushing). For now I find the price of this toothbrush a bit excessive (about 200 ) against € 70 against an electric toothbrush “classic”.

To conclude this review, I particularly appreciated the application very well done, I wish I found about this application can create sessions for other family members.

Braun is part of the large group P & G (Procter & Gamble) with Gillette.

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