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How Planting Trees Around House Can Save Energy

Trees are very important part of our environment. They are essential in many ways. Trees can help us to save energy. We know a lot of our electrical energy is used by fans and ACs in hot summer days.

Due to excessive use of fans and ACs in summer we face shortage of electrical energy and load shedding occurs. Now, if there are trees around the house, they provide shade. Trees naturally keep our houses cool in hot days. Presence of trees makes the environment cool and heat becomes tolerable.

Also due to global warming temperature of earth is slowly rising. Summers are becoming hotter every year. So, people are using fans and ACs more and more. Trees are a very good way to reduce global warming. If each of us plants trees around our housed, in total the number of trees will become very high and global warming will be reduced, therefore use of fans and ACs will decrease.

So, we can say that planting trees can save energy and everyone in the earth should plant at least one plant each year in order to meet his necessary oxygen requirement.

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