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The Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution And Its Prevention

We cannot live a second without air. But thid air is polluted by us in many ways which is harmful and resistence to our sustainability. . Harmful effects of air pollution are given below:

1. If the density of carbon dioxide in the air increases, the temperature of the environment also increases which upsets the balance of the environment.

2. Bronchitis, asthma, cancer etc. may he caused if smoke from factories, vehicles etc are inhaled along with air.

3. Gases present in the fumes emitted by factories and vehicles cause acid rain. Acid rain damages buildings. It erodes marble. It also causes severe harm to plants and animals.

4. Carbon monoxide gas emitted from factories and vehicles, mixes with human blood and reduces its oxygen content, causing harm to health.

5. Smoke which contains lead is very harmful to children and pregnant women. Increasing the amount of lead in blood causes loss of appetite, and eventually leads to anemia. It also injures the neural system and the kidneys. It causes blood pressure to rise and impedes intellectual development of children.

So, we have to prevent air pollution upto a possible extent. For this reason we should-

  • Use less energy from sources which create smokes
  • Riding bicycles instead of motor vehicles
  • By reusing and recycling natural resources

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