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How Are Soil Pollution And Water Pollution Alike

Water pollution and soil pollution are the two major causes of environment pollution. Water pollution means adding of harmful things in water. Soil pollution is the contamination of soil with harmful things. Water pollution and soil pollution are same because they are caused by the same reasons.

Water is polluted because we dump garbage and harmful chemical into the water. Soil is also polluted by dumping of waste, chemicals like fertilizers etc in the soil. Both water and soil pollution are very harmful for animals and plant. They cause many diseases and harm the environment. So, if we think about the causes and effects of soil and water pollution, they are much alike.

Negative impacts of soil pollution on human health:

Soil pollution is the contamination of soil with harmful things. Soil pollution is caused by the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in agriculture, waste disposal from household and hospital on soil, and leakage of chemicals or oils from factories. Soil pollution has many negative impacts on human health. People may get sick with various diseases including cancer by taking those foods grown in polluted soil.

We should be very careful while using chemical fertilizers. If we we fail to use chemical fertilizers sensibly, we will be always in danger of uncontrollable diseases.

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