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What Are The Causes Of Air Pollution

Air pollution is the introduction of unwanted chemicals, gasses, dust particles, smoke or odours into the air. It causes harm to living things and also it damages the natural environment.

Although there are a few natural causes of air pollution, like volcanic eruption, most of the causes of air pollution are man made. The two most major sources of air pollution are smoke and unmanaged waste. Smoke from vehicles, factories, burning wood, brick milk contain CO2 and many other harmful gases. These gases are responsible for global warming and also many respiratory diseases of human and also animals.

And the other reason is unmanaged waste. Unmanaged waste produces odours and urinating anywhere also causes air pollution. We can see that the two major reasons mentioned above are caused by human action. Human’s use of fossil fuel and throwing of garbage here and there is the main reasons of air pollution. So, to prevent air pollution, we should rethink the use of fossil fuels unnecessarily.

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