Ello Social Network site is still struggling to convince users

Ello Social Network site is the talk of this week. I think it is nothing to say that the site has even triggered to a real global buzz and it has surprisingly providing a few services subject to coverage.

Ello social networkIs Ello a rival of  Facebook? Not necessarily and this  reveals in the results of a survey conducted by RJMetrics.

Before going further I am discussing the results obtained by the firm and  it is important to note that this study is based on a limited range of users of Ello Social Network site, specifically on 160,000 accounts. They might have been taken with the utmost prudence.

According RJMetrics , Ello is visited frequently and mostly by men (63%) and by women (37%).

But the real problem lies elsewhere. According to the study, only 20% of registered members are active. In other words, users simply sets up an account to test the platform and to see what it offers.

Proof is, 36% of users of Ello Social Network site never even published a content on this social network.

Good point on the other hand, active members have posted an average of 8.3 messages of which 33% with a picture and 14% with comments and posts on the social network.

So of course, these figures are very worrying but we must remember that all social networks even all the web services have witnessed this fact. In the beginning when everything is new and beautiful , visitors showered in millions but later the scenario changed due to multiple reasons. The novelty begins to fade and users then quietly return to their their old pavilion.

It is a probable early death of Social Network site Ello but one thing is certain: if the developers really want to survive more then they have to strike fast by launching new features and providing services and tools that other competitors did not try or think before.

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