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How Does Recycling Help To Reduce Air Pollution

Recycling is a process of converting waste materials into reusable material to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. We can reduce a huge quantity of carbon dioxide by means of recycling every year.

Human produces a lot of waste every day. These wastes are being dump in some place or some times they are burnt. In any case, they pollute air. Unmanaged waste produces odours which pollutes air and burnt waste produces smoke which also pollutes air.

So, if we can stop this increase of waste we can reduce air pollution. Most of our waste is plastic. Plastic waste materials can be reused to produce new plastic goods. So, we can use the waste to produce new goods.

Thus, the amount of waste will be reduced and we can reduce air pollution up to some degree. So, we can say that recycling is a very effective way to reduce air pollution.

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