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Three Ways Of Water Purification

We need to drink and use safe water for a healthy living. So it is important to purify water before we drink and use it. Water may he purified in different ways. Three ways of water purification are given below:

 1. Filtration: Water of ponds, canals and rivers has mud and dirt in it. Water may be cleaned by filtration through a thin cloth or filter. Though we get clean water in this way, it is not free from germs. Nowadays in cities, many houses have filtration machines or filters of good qualities. Such fitters can make water almost Free from germs. But some germs may still be there.

2. Boiling: To make pond and river water or tap water free from germ we will have to boil water. When water starts boiling it is to be heated more for twenty minutes to kill the germs in it. Water is then cooled and filtered to make it safe for drinking.

3. Other methods: In addition to the above two methods, we can purify water by water purifying tablets, alum or using detergents. There are water purifying systems like reverse osmosis system which is available in the market. We can use it for pure drinking water.

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