Intel Unveils smartwatch luxury that has nothing to do with other products on the market

This is a premium product for the design and finish, but not really for technology.

When the first smartwatch made ​​their appearances, many users did not seem motivated to buy because of a particular reason: they looked pretty ugly.

Since then, manufacturers have made ​​great strides in design (think the Moto 360, the ZenWatch or the latest Samsung smartwatch). But is that enough to convince people (mostly female)?

For women who feel that smartwatch currently proposed are still not enough “Fashion”, Intel and Opening Ceremony may have the solution.


Intel smartwatch
Intel Smartwatch

There are several months, more precisely at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Intel had already announced it would develop a smartwatch that would also tend, in partnership with Opening Ceremony. And since then, the two companies have more or less kept a low profile.

On the technology side, we do not yet know which platform will be used by MICA. But Intel has already disclosed that the watch has a touch screen, curved and protected by sapphire. We also know that this accessory will have a 3G card, which means that, like the Gear S, it will not need to connect to a smartphone. The wireless charging is also mentioned.

Regarding the features, there are text messages, notifications and other Intel has not yet unveiled.

The price is not yet known, but is expected however that it is quite high. According to an article in Business Insider, it will not exceed $ 1,000.

But today, while new smart watches come from all sides at the IFA in Berlin (ASUS, LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, etc), Intel has decided to unveil the first images of the MICA or My Intelligent Communication Accessory. If the product name seems to lack originality, design however has nothing to do with those of other manufacturers.

This watch will be unveiled this year at an event for fashion and its builders will offer two versions. The first will be a leather strap and black snake is decorated with Chinese pearls and lapis from Madagascar. The second will have a leather strap and white snake is decorated with tiger eye (stone) of South Africa and obsidian from Russia.

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