iPhone 6 Goldgenie: Pre-order today in gold and platinum

Please pre-order for Apple iPhone 6 Goldginie if you want in gold and platinum. The creator of luxurious versions of this smartphone announced that it takes pre-order for 24k gold and platinum iPhone 6 Goldginie but which will latter will be available.

Iphone 6 goldgeniePrice: ranges  from 2750 euros.

Tomorrow is the big day. The new Apple smartphone will be launched to the delight of technophiles. But meanwhile, some are quick to take advantage of all the buzz around this new generation of iPhone to do their own advertising.

There are a half months, we introduced the 128 GB version of iPhone 6 Goldginie with 24k gold chassis introduced by Brikk.

Today, we offer iPhone 6 Goldgenie here. iPhone 6 Goldgenie are in Yellow, pink or platinum? Which one will you choose?24K yellow gold, Platinum or rose gold? with or without custom engraving? It will be available With or without emblem of the seven countries of the Gulf (limited versions for Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar). Andwith or without Swarovski crystals to replace the Apple logo on the back of the phone.

Needless to say that this is particularly ostentatious … Obviously, the iPhone 6 should be based on the same technology as the original one.

Apple does not stop to provide technical details of iPhone 6 Goldgenie while giving its announcement. It prefers to leave the course of surprise to buyers who will discover tomorrow what they paid a 50% advance on their next smartphone (1500 euros …). However, they are reassured that Apple smartphones have never been particularly “bad” … A 4.5-inch screen? Really?

On the product page of the smartphone, however, we have known one technical detail of the iPhone 6 Goldgenie. This would offer a 4.5-inch screen while all the recent leaks said us a slightly larger (4.7 inches) size.

It will make you wonder if Goldgenie really offer an iPhone with a standard imitation of GooPhone.

However, this smartphone will be delivered in a beautiful cherry wood box and which will be provided  with a classic white headphones attached to the mainstream of the mobile.

Preorder will be taken until tonight.

The iPhone 6 Elite Goldgenie proposed price is 2750 euros to 2860 euros depending on the engraving shell materials. Customizing with the Swarovski crystal will cost a hundred extra euros. However iPhone 6 Goldgenie prevent all prospective buyers those are interested in it but waiting for Apple’s announcement; the price may increase by 20% by post announcement. No way to hang out then. So hurry!

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