10 Evernote features that will simplify your life

The tool Evernote allows you to store in one place a series of notes, replacing notebooks, wallets and binders. Here are some particularly useful features to make your life easier.

Evernote features1.Tags

Tags (also known as tags) are very useful to organize your notes and are more flexible than folders, especially because you can attach multiple tags to a note. Folders can be used for example to manage access (“private files” versus “shared folders”) or to have a view on things going and completed (“inbox” versus “completed tasks”).

2 Ranking tags

It is possible to use sub categories to organize your tags. Helpful to see it even more clear in your rankings. For example you can use the categories “What”, “Who”, “When“, “Where” and then specify the details in the sub-categories. Eg “Who”, you can specify the name of your colleagues, friends or members of your family involved in the note.

3 E-mail

You can transfer the emails you want, to Evernote address to be automatically added to your notes. This address is unique and you will find it in your account settings. You can facilitate the process by editing the subject of the e-mail and adding the data of your choice: #tag, carnet or memo format date 09/05/2014!.

4 Web clipper

Saved web pages becomes a breeze with the extension for Chrome that is the web clipper. Also, if you check the “Related results” in the settings option, Google will allow you to search your Evernote notes.

5 Templates

Using templates (* .enex) available on the web or you create yourself to achieve faster your meeting minutes, blog posts, or to have a useful structure for your notes.

6 Photos Document

Sometimes it is useful to have on hand a copy of a bill or note which had taken on a flipchart at a meeting. Evernote allows you to keep records of your choice by associating tags that will be useful to classify them and find them.

7 Quick Notes

On your smartphone, the Evernote application allows you to quickly enter notes if you need to remember something. For quicker you can dictate your notes and will be transcribed into text.

8 Automated Actions

You can automatically save information via IFTTT, such as Pocket articles, photos, Instagram or check-ins from Foursquare.

9 checklists

Ideal for do not forget anything when you do shopping, checklists Evernote are very convenient. In addition, you can share them with anyone you choose.

10 presentations

You can share your notes in a presentation with the dedicated icon. Useful for sharing more attractive a document!

What is your thinking about favorite features of Evernote?

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