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How Can We Explain That Water Is In The Air

Water in the Air! Don’t be surprised, its everywhere. We know water can exist in three physical states. They are ice, water and water vapor. In vapor state water remains in atmosphere as gas. By observing various natural phenomena and by doing various experiments we can prove and explain that water is in air.

For example in cold winter mornings we see dew on the grass. Grass becomes cold at night and water in air when comes in contact with grass, it becomes condensed. Thus droplets of water or dew is formed.Walking barefooted on the green grass with morning dew is not less than a sensational feeling.

Also if we keep a cold bottle of drinks in air, we see water droplets form on the outer surface of the bottle. The Water in air when comes in contact the bottle condenses and becomes liquid water and forms droplets. So if there was no water in air, there should have been no dew formed in winter morning or we would not see any droplets of water on cold bottle of drinks.

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