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Explain The Process Of Water Cycle

Water cycles is the process by which water moves all around the world as it changes its state. States of water are always changing through this cycle.This cycle shows how water changes from water to vapor and then vapor to solid and again becomes water, the most important element of human life.

Due to the heat of the sun water from ocean, rivers, lakes, ponds evaporate and becomes water vapor. These water vapors get mixed in the air. As these vapor rises in the air, they become cold and they accumulate. Accumulated vapor forms clouds. From clouds large water droplets fall back to earth as rain. In winter or arctic countries snow also fall from cloud to the earth.

Water tram rainfall either is absorbed into ground runs off into rivers. Water absorbed by ground becomes ground or water, Water from rivers ultimately runs off to ocean. Then again water evaporates from oceans and rivers. This is how water cycles as it changes its state.

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